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Every lawn is unique. Each one of them requires various methods of maintenance depending on the components included in your lawn. Some companies may see a standard lawn care as basic lawn mowing and landscaping, while others may incorporate and utilize tree trimming, or lawn treatment into their basic services.

We at provides a comprehensive package for lawn care in Miami. We will start by investigating, examining, and analyzing the current health and condition of your lawn to help us formulate a custom treatment plan. Additionally, our package includes landscape fertilization to preserve and protect the beauty of your landscape throughout the elements of the weather condition.

Our treatment plan makes trees and plants less susceptible to drought. You will enjoy the green luscious grass that covers your yard. We operate on high work ethics and we keep our lines open because we value your trust and strive hard to keep it. From the team who inspects your house to the team who answers your call, you are guaranteed that each question and concern is handled efficiently. We also value and appreciate your honest feedback.


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First impressions last. It may not be true all the time but if you’re planning to sell your house, it matters. Because a well-manicured lawn sets the expectations of the entire house. If you want to give an impression that the house you’re selling is well-maintained, start with your lawn. It’s a quick project and cheaper than building a patio.
We have seen how a well-maintained lawn upgrades the value of a house. If you’re planning to sell your house in a few months, we can help you fertilize and aerate your landscape, in addition to weeds removal. Want a quick lawn care? Call us.
We understand how you value your time we always show up each time you book your appointment with us. We guarantee quality service in every phase of the project. We ask questions relevant to the project so we produce the results you want.

Your ideas matter so if you have some hesitations about the project, feel free to tell us. Let’s meet halfway without compromising the quality of your lawn.

We want to give value to your money. We offer you our services at no extra cost and hidden charges. Everything we provide is properly documented.

If you want a detailed report, we are more than happy to do it. We want to stay transparent in every phase of our service especially when the payment process comes in. We consider your budget and provide you an affordable alternative.

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